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1 summertime.png

memories of a bee, summertime

2. Postcard from the Lido.jpg

postcard from the Lido

5 heat haze.jpg

heat haze

14 arrival.jpg


15 roller coaster.jpg

roller coaster

8 time travel.jpg

time travel

9 summer night, dream.jpg

summer night dream

16 after the rain.jpg

after the rain

21 pause.jpg


4 coasting.jpg


20 integration.jpg


19. Pasiphae's child.jpg

Pasiphae's child

6 memory of a bee.jpg

memory of a bee

13 dancers.jpg


12 journey.jpg


17 finding Aurora.jpg

finding Aurora

10 the gardener.jpg

the gardener

11 mid summer, garden.jpg

mid summer, garden

guardians and meeting point.jpg


meeting point

7 between.jpg


3 echo.jpg


Memories of a Bee is a series of cut and pasted gouaches made over the last few years, my first solo show since we all became temporary hermits. The slow pace, daily walks, and lots of pottering in the garden fed the work - watching bees choose their irresistible flowers; watching myself choose irresistible scraps of painted paper; moments of timelessness; memories of childhood’s timelessness and of specific times; memories of a wordless conversation with a bee; and moments of the utter pleasure of watching a bee clamber deep into a flower and struggle out again.

Elise V Allan, Artist.

September 2022

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